foil insulationI refer to the foil insulation installed in ceiling spaces onto of ceiling purling  with in the roof cavity not the foil or sisal insulation installed directly under the roofing material.

Imaging having one large electrical conducting sheet installed at a level in the ceiling space such that anyone entering the roof space would come in contact with the sheet.  Any faulty or incorrectly installed electrical equipment could now have the effect of electrifying the entire ceiling space ( foil Sheeting).

Please make sure that if you have the foil sheeting installed, prior to entering the roof space turn off all of the main switches at the main switch board.

Has your foil insulation been installed by a “qualified” person or persons who not only installs the sheeting but is also fully aware of the potential for fatal electrocution?

Personally I believe, only foil insulation that has been installed directly under the roofing material by a “qualified” person or persons is safe.  Any foil insulation installed on the ceiling purling is a potential danger.

What if I had a house with foil insulation?

Personally I would remove the foil insulation sheeting as soon as possible.
The foil insulation installed as a sheet format in existing dwellings on top of ceiling purlings is an accident waiting to happen.

Electrical safety testing:

Unless a physical viewing of all of the electrical installation in the ceiling space can be done and safety switches are installed to all electrical circuits that have any portion of their route length passing through the ceiling space, then the electrical testing procedure is next to useless.

Any Electrical Compliance Certificate given to you by an electrical worker indicating that the installation of the foil insulation is safe is only valid at the time of the testing.