air conditioner maintenanceThe main purpose of Air Conditioner Maintenance is to keep your unit working at it’s peak performance.

Benefits include;

  • Unit will last longer
  • The running cost will be lower as it runs more efficiently
  • The Unit will work better
  • Identifying problems before a major expensive repair is required.

The type of things that we examine on an air conditioner are;

  • filters, coils, and fins
  • refrigerant charge (levels)
  • damaged piping
  • leaks
  • damaged ductwork (for ducted systems)
  • pressure check

Neglecting necessary maintenance will result in a steady decline in air conditioning performance, and the energy usage will steadily increase.

To ensure that your air conditioner is working as it should and giving you year round comfort, get your air conditioner checked yearly. It will save you money in the long run.