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An extensive supply of parts in our vans, which in nearly all cases ensures we do not need to go and get a part.

Expertise and professionalism in all aspects of Electrical, Air Conditioning and TV Antenna Systems.

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Foil Ceiling Insulation Dangers 03 May 2011, 01.23 Safety
Foil Ceiling Insulation Dangers
I refer to the foil insulation installed in ceiling spaces onto of ceiling purling  with in the roof cavity not the foil or sisal insulation installed directly under the roofing material. Imaging having one large electrical conducting sheet installed at a level in the ceiling space such that anyone
Protection against Electrocution 03 May 2011, 01.22 Safety
Protection against Electrocution
One of the most singular electrical items installed in houses today that has reduced fatalities by electrocution in the “safety switch” also known as a “residual current device”. How does the safety switch work: The safety switch is designed to monitor the electrical current entering the
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